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Nancy's workshops in my opinion are the BEST! She is such a wealth of information and inspiration and is incredibly supportive. I am a workshop junkie and Nancy is in a class of her own!
—Sandra Johnson

The late Nancy Crawford's online program –
The Wonderful World of Wax: Encaustics 101

I have received so many requests from artists around the globe requesting that I put together an in-depth introduction to encaustics, and I am really excited to share the details of that program here with you!

As mentioned in the video, while I may be new to the “online space” as a teacher, I have over 30 years of experience teaching artists and creators in studio spaces and university settings. I am a passionate creator who is very excited to help you establish and enrich your encaustic practice.

In this self–paced program you will learn:

  • How to set up your studio space
  • Health and safety considerations
  • Good choices for encaustic substrates and how to prepare the surface and edges for working
  • Strategies for learning how to fuse well with the creation of a “practice pot”
  • Techniques for building up your base layers of wax
  • How to create and maintain strait edges of wax within your encaustic works
  • Processes for creating texture in your work
  • Approaches for applying colored wax
  • Ways to attach gold leaf to your encaustic works so that is both stable and beautiful
  • Simple procedures for creating your own stencils so that you can incorporate your unique marks, shapes and designs into your works
  • Assorted ways that you can incorporate oil rubs at different stages of your work
  • Along with 2 different ways to hang your finished works

In addition to all this in-depth information, where you will explore and learn about the specifics of working with the encaustic medium you will also learn about

  • Composition and ways to think about both the format that you are working with and the orientation of it
  • The importance of incorporating a sketchbook into your practice and the development of thumbnail sketches
  • The elements of design and how to work with contrasting elements to create visual interest and a focal point in your work

We’ve also included some great Bonus Materials where you will learn

  • How to attach papers and collage elements to your work and
  • how to deal with “Problem Children” – those works that somehow (through no fault of their own) thwart you from completing them!

Here’s what Nancy's students are saying…

“This was my dream come true! Nancy moved me forward in a life-altering way. Her thoughtful approach to creating art with meaning and intention will impact every piece I create from this point forward. I will be forever in her debt!”
—Annie Tinnesand

“I loved being taught in a structured approach to developing art…I loved Nancy's confident, calm, compassionate and straight-forward manner. The best workshop I've ever taken!”
—Brenda Dreyer

“I came without the knowledge and I'm leaving with a new passion. Nancy you are a great teacher and I can't wait to learn more!”
—Elizabeth Cantwell

“I have been re-inspired with this wonderful encaustic process, and learned some very helpful and exciting techniques. Thank you so much Nancy! You really know how to encourage and support people as they explore and investigate.”
—Susanne Cruickshank

“I would recommend this workshop to all artists who are wanted to explore their layers…with wax and creativity.”
—Jana Cohoe

“I really enjoyed your class. You're a gifted teacher who clearly strives to bring out the best in students. Lucky us!”
—Colleen Davis

In addition to the 25+ videos that are included in The Wonderful World of Wax: Encaustics 101, we have also included a great downloadable PDF that outlines all the materials and supplies we use throughout the course – resources that you will want to familiarize yourself with over time.

The downloadable content is yours to keep and you will have access to all online content for a full two years!!

We have also included a reference glossary of terms and some vocabulary that may be new to you as you deepen your artistic and creative practice.

When you register for this program you will also have the opportunity to get involved with our private online community where you can share your work, interact with other encaustic artists, see their work, leave your comments and connect.

So there you have it…

The Wonderful World of Wax: Encaustics 101 Online Program price $175.00 +Tax

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I think this is an outstanding program of exceptional value that will have you working in your studio for months. I’m looking forward to having you join me!

Happy Creating,

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